What is The Bill Gates Scholarship?

Bill Gates, together with his wife Melinda and friend and fellow billionaire Warren Buffet have given literally billions of dollars away to various charities over the years since the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was created. The money they have donate goes to help children and young adults all over the world, including right here in the US.

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program – popularly known as the Bill Gates Scholarship – is an ongoing scholarship programs that chooses 1,000 high school students every year to receive a “good through graduation” scholarship to the college or university of their choosing.

About Bill Gates as a Scholar

Long before he founded Microsoft, made billions of dollars and then started initiatives like this “Bill Gates Scholarship” Bill Gates was a Harvard student. He did not actually finish his degree at school because founding Microsoft with fellow student Steve Ballmer and his lifelong friend Paul Allen took precedence, but he does acknowledge all the good that a great college education provided him. The aim behind the Bill Gates Scholarship is to give those who may not have had a chance to attend a good university, but deserved to, the funding they need to make their academic dreams come true.

How is the “Bill Gates Scholarship” Awarded ?

The 1,000 Gates Millennium Scholars are chosen based on their academic prowess, their personal community service record and their leadership potential. Since the program began more than 13,000 students have benefited from the Gates’ largess and generosity.

Not only do students receive the financial help they need to get through school, even up to the masters level and beyond, they also receive professional help and guidance every step of the way to help them make sure that they focus on their goals.

Who Can Apply for the “Bill Gates Scholarship”?

Students who are of African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American ethnicity are eligible for the Gates Millennium scholars program. They must be citizens or legal residents of the US and enrolling in an accredited college for the first time. Their family income levels must meet the standards for qualification for a federal Pell Grant and they must have maintained a GPA in high school of 3.3. They must also be able to demonstrate a strong, active involvement in their community and possess great leadership skills.

How do you Apply for the Gates Millennium Scholars Program?

To apply students can find everything they need at nominations.gmsp.org. There is no application fee of any kind. If you find information elsewhere that asks for an application fee it is a scam (sadly these things exist) applications must be completed by the second week of January and those who qualify receive word of their success by May.

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